My last Video Interview in UK education - Clare Sealy on No More Marking

I am now retired from making videos on UK education - here is an extract from the last video Read more

The L4L courses site now has free easy access

My course - 'how to set up a cheap professional filming unit for schools' is now completely open Read more

Testing the SmallHD Focus monitor with my Sony A5100 camera

I have just bought a SmallHD Focus 5" Monitor for use with my smaller cameras - especially the point Read more

BETT 2018

Here's a quick video roundup of my impressions of this year's BETT. Every year I interview one or two people Read more

BETT 2018

This is one of a couple of posts I'll be doing about BETT 2018. This year I spent some time Read more

A Modest Proposal

Multimedia Resources by Teacher Communities Here is a modest proposal I'm making to DFE and the Chartered College of Teaching. Read more

Some advice for Teachers new to Twitter in the new term

Everyone seems to be writing a blog on different aspects of advice for new teachers. Here's some for a Read more

Getting ready to launch a Twitter broadcast season

BUILDING A STUDIO Over the last few months and years I've been testing and building a small TV studio to Read more

Update on Professional Video Streaming through Twitter

This morning I finally cracked it. Good Video and superb audio with camera switching. I have been working on Read more

Video livestreaming through Wirecast to Persicope and out to Twitter

After a 7 month break, I've been working on being able to make quick video posts out through Twitter Read more


360 test

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We launch Mikeybot on Kickstarter

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Together with a few colleagues I have launched a Kickstarter campaign > theMikeybot. This is a simple, cheap, wireless drawing and line following robot for families and schools. We haven’t had that much takeup yet (probably due to schools’ budgets being very constrained at the moment) but we’ll persevere whatever the case. The unique thing about the robot is that it can be controlled by any computer and as part of a network hub wirelessly. Which hasn’t really been fully achieved before. See the video here:


Go to the kickstarter page: Here >

Online resource for students

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I don’t get much mail through this site but recently a reader wanted to point out a resource for younger students and I wholeheartedly endorse it :  

Cheap way to do camera crane shots and “flying” for video – Old boom pole + Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal

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I’ve been testing a cheap way to get “crane” shots using a Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal and a modified old boom pole – here’s the result. This is probably the cheapest way I know to get shots like this on the fly. Carefully thought out and shot with adequate lighting and white balance it could help any student film look that bit more professional. I was also using the MikMe wireless mic for the audio for the first time. It stood up quite well but I do need to get a modified pop filter to get rid of those plosive sounds. For Gimbal

All that glisters – from the archive…

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: Three years ago I made 3 online TV programmes about the innovative use of technology in schools. This was a small subsection of programme no 3. At the time this was a fairly groundbreaking project. Since that time a lot of teachers of more traditional tastes have disparaged projects like this as a waste of time and resources with no “evidence” of their efficacy. I disagree – I think projects, if carefully structured can widen the curriculum and bring a rich texture of cultural references into the 21st century. Yes, you could just tell the children the story but they would miss out…