News about Teacher Activity on Twitter

I have been trying to get this off the ground for over a year now but events have worked Read more


Here are a few more videos from #TMLondonBus the video on the Top Deck was shot with PivotHead Glasses Read more

London, A Love Letter to Education

"This web of time - the strands of which approach one another, bifurcate, intersect or ignore each other through Read more

The perils of filming on a London Bus

I've been set the challenge of filming a #TeachMeet on a London bus - one way is going to Read more

New Video and Podcast News Service - March 2014

Now that the TV Programme is well established I will be making some mini-broadcasts throughout March using iPads and Read more

Paying attention at the back

LESS IS MORE As promised I am going to release a few smaller blog posts about each section of L4LTV Read more

L4LTV Programme 3 + Notes 5th March 2014

The latest programme is here: L4LTV Programme 3 Notes Notes from tonight's programme. If you cannot see the scribd Read more

The Wheels on the Bus...

Every now and again I try something new to see if it is possible. A few weeks back, Ross Morrison Read more

Teacher Development Trust and Teach First's Evening Seminar on Lesson Observation

I have made a quick edit of the video stream from Teach First and Teacher Development Trust's seminar on Lesson Read more

Audio from #ResearchED2013 now on L4LNews

I promised Tom Bennett I would do this as an added resource for ResearchED2013, and so I have, although Read more

L4LTV Long interview with Jon Chippindall about KS1/2 Computing Resources

As part of the L4LTV series I have included the long interview I did with Jon Chippindall about his Read more

L4LTV is now on iTunes as a Video podcast consume!

You can now download the L4LTV programme as a video podcast off of iTunes from here: or even faster click Read more

L4LTV Prog. 1 now on YouTube

Learn 4 Life Programme 1 is now on YouTube. Each fortnight we will livestream a show for interested teachers for Read more

L4LTV Programme Notes - 14th Dec 2013

Below is the Scribd document of the notes for the second #L4LTV web tv teacher to teacher CPD programme. Read more

L4LTV launches

L4LTV has officially launched last night and we had over 1000 views in 2 hours for the live broadcast. Read more

L4LTV does the Streaming for #Legup

L4LTV is now collaborating with - last night we livestreamed their outreach meetup group called #LEGup (London Educational Read more

Volume Work in MineCraft - A teaser for Saturdays #L4LTV

It seems we are up against Charlie Brooker on the History of Gaming on Saturday at 9pm. We also have Read more

First Skype Live Streaming Test

One of the things to be able to do in a web TV Studio context is to interview one Read more

Getting Closer - Setting up the Studio

A scrappy iPhone vid in poor light but a little peek into setting up the studio for the broadcast Read more

L4LTV - We are launching next week!

After a few software and hardware hassles we are launching next week. We have a short update video Read more


Interview with Peps Mccrea about OpenPlan

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: This is an interview I did with Peps Mccrea earlier this month. We talked about OpenPlan and the plans Peps has for its development. I found out about OpenPlan through Twitter and a specific tweet by Laura Kirsop: someone else I need to interview soon. We move through the concepts of iterative design, UX design; Learning Design; RCTs; Wenger’s Communities of Practice; the ResearchEd conference coming up in September 2013; ASE TeachMeets; Educational Startups and a much more. In my latest series of interviews I will now usually include a transcript for those wanting to read the interview rather than listen. I hope…

How to make better voiceovers for your Videos on TeachTweet

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Archived; click post to view.

CC BY-NC 2.0 licence – source

[/caption] This blog entry is to complement the video A short film about sound I made on April 2nd 2013 for #TeachMeet #Ukedchat #TeachTweet Session 147. Because of the limit of 5 minutes, the film could only lightly skirt the theory and process of doing voiceovers. This blog entry augments the film with further detailed references and resources around the topic so people curious about the process can take it a little further if they have the time, inclination and money. Bear in mind audio kit is getting cheaper and cheaper as…

L4Lnews 23-04-2013

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Details of all the paper and text resources to follow later – in the meantime – here’s the podcast on AudioBoo: and on SoundCloud:

L4L News Playlist

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I have now put all the 26 L4Lnews broadcasts in one playlist – I’ll be adding to these with a full searchable index later in the year as part of building searchable data that can be extracted from the broadcasts so I can reference them and for academic research purposes. Every broadcast I do now has a trail of data to hep build a picture of CPD activity in the UK at these times.

Why you need production quality sound on videos

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Excerpt: I’m really pleased so many teachers and pupils are making their own videos now but there is one thing that people always cut corners on – and that is sound quality. It doesn’t take much to make the sound on a video much, much better; here’s a little (squashed!) teaser vid of a 5 minute video I’m making for TeachMeet later this month – the original sound is from the Logitech 920 camera – the second section is with the sound from a powered XLR Mic into an iPad. The iPad is a wonderful sound production machine. All you need are…

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