Cheap way to do camera crane shots and "flying" for video - Old boom pole + Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal

I've been testing a cheap way to get "crane" shots using a Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal and a modified Read more

All that glisters - from the archive...

Three years ago I made 3 online TV programmes about the innovative use of technology in schools. This was a Read more

Last Test before launching the new Video Ed Channel

People who follow this blog regularly will know I frequently post tests from the audio/ video kit I own Read more

BAFTA Young Games Designer Competition at BETT 2017

Another quick Ad Hoc interview with the more interesting smaller stands at #BETT2017. This time with Melissa Phillips of Read more


Another of one of my ad hoc interviews at BETT 2017 - this time with Georgette Yakman at STEAM Read more

BETT 2017 - Globalism

This is the first of several quick and easy to digest video reports as part of the L4L News Read more

BETT 2017

I am filming at BETT this year. I am wearing several hats. One is that of filmaker for various commercial Read more

Finally ready for Monthly Broadcasts

I have been working on a small, home mini-studio for video recording for some years now. I want to be Read more

Michaela - Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers Audio on Soundcloud

I recently did a live-streaming job at Michaela Community School - as well as the liveStream and HD Video, Read more

theEDfiles Podcast

I have been heavily involved in launching a new "general" podcast for UK education. It's called theEDFiles and you Read more


The resurgence of VR – will this be a reality in 5 years?

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: What you see here, above, is a “Virtual” Conference environment I built in 2009 on the  Second Life platform. It was used regularly and it performed pretty well. The idea was to supply conference facilities for teachers who would come in as Avatars – i.e. people in Virtual personas. The screens could show powerpoints – the giant TVs could show video on-demand.  Wherever you sat in the environment you had a perfect view of the screen or avatar that was talking at any one point. Your avatar could sit in one of those pods and share documents and files with anyone in the “virtual”…

The search for the perfect vlogging camera

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: In the last few weeks I have spent what seems an inordinate amount of time researching audio/video kit and post production techniques for this news site. I have locked myself away taking courses online; looked at countless video tutorials on Youtube; corresponded with numerous people who use these things on a daily basis in their work. It resulted in a number of insights into how I can improve workflow and quality of filming whether it is out in the field; filming professionally for a client or just simply making Vlogs like the one above. In a recent interview with John Johnston…

Brief look at the iRig Pro Duo

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: I am constantly looking to find the smallest portable piece of kit that will give the best possible sound quality to put into an iPhone/ iPad for filming and audio recording. The iRig Pro DUO just landed in the UK and here’s a quick test straight into my iPhone 6+ through Filmic Pro. I’ll be using this setup for high quality Periscope interviews. Previously I used the Roland Duo-Capture Ex but I found the number of “switching” variables on that to be a bit fiddly. The iRig Pro Duo is pretty plug and play and has fewer options to get wrong…

Learn 4 Life – the way forward – Vlog – week 1

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This autumn I’m devoting less time to research about making filmed media and more to actually making the content itself. This is my first Vlog about why the process stalled in the past and what you can expect from the new season of Learn 4 Life. Anyone interested in helping to make content please do get in touch by clicking on the word “contact” there on the left. Comments appreciated. Audio only

Interview with Debra Kidd for Learn 4 Life

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: Before any broughaha about Debra Kidd’s book, Teaching: notes from the front line, emerged over half-term, I had requested a review copy for this interview. I am also a FRSA so I am interested in the ongoing Schools with Soul activity in the organisation at present. The social media, ‘storm in an eggcup’, in response to an Academies Week review that followed, seems to have coloured a few people’s perceptions of what the message in the book actually is, or if it is, indeed, worth reading. I hope this filmed and audio interview gives a little more context and insight. To…

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