Learn 4 Life Web TV – Project 1 – Teachers to Teacher video training

In order to promote the new L4L TV channel we are launching a project that will go around the country from teacher to teacher.

Write in or get in touch with us here.

If you can’t see the post above just click on the address below.


We’d be particularly interested in hearing from sponsors for this unique project.

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11 Responses to Learn 4 Life Web TV – Project 1 – Teachers to Teacher video training

  1. Tom Sherrington

    This is a great concept. I’d love to contribute.. but not on the sponsorship side. I could ask around..

    This could be hugely successful. Look forward to seeing it develop.

  2. leoncych

    Thanks Tom – we are also looking for schools to take the initiative and garner support locally – we’re only a conduit for the community. But the aims are to raise the media awareness of participants.

    We already have 3 sponsors and will be putting up a sponsorship page ASAP.

  3. John Wootton

    Count me in! Im looking for a new way to develop CPD.



  4. Francis Gilbert

    It’s a fantastic idea, and surprisingly rare; getting teachers talking/interacting with teachers on a meaningful and entertaining level. I’m interested!

    • leoncych

      Thank you Francis I am sure it will be an interesting project all round!

  5. Debra Kidd

    Great stuff Leon. Our school has agreed to help out by buying in equipment that local teachers and schools can use to take part. Order is on its way!

    • leoncych

      Thank you so much – great news.

  6. Emma Espley

    I think this is a superb project and one that I would be willing to be involved with. As a former teacher for fifteen years and now a freelance consultant, Primary Geography Champion and Teacher Consultant on behalf of the Geographical Association and approved provider of support for individuals and schools with Gloucestershire County Council, I have dealings with many educational professionals across the county and beyond. I also have a colleague, who is a freelance consultant, classroom teacher, ICT Subject Lead and Master of Computing, whom I could work with to ‘start the ball rolling’ in our area. Look forward to hearing more about this initiative shortly.

    • leoncych

      Thanks Emma – we are building up a massive grass roots initiative here.

  7. Ben Waldram

    This looks great, despite the busyness of my role and a young family, I’d like to be involved somehow… even on a small scale.