The Purpose of Education? Education Repurposed?

I prefer film, edited and unedited, these days, as a medium of communication. When this post comes out there will also be a link to a live streamed debate at the bottom of the page to The Really Free School in Bloomsbury, London on 10th February 2011 where the conversation will continue in other forms.

What is the purpose of education?

Keri (Facer) asks in the first post of this purpos/ed project:

What is the Good Life? (she actually talks about Society but I interpret it like this).
What is your vision for the Good Life and how can education help in that process of creating that vision for a Better Life?

For me we have to start by reconnecting communities with learning. I’m with Ewan (McIntosh) on this one in the fact that learning is paramount but in terms of how we reconnect learners with themselves and their interests and curiosities; that is what the purpose of education is for me.

Because then that leads to a more cohesive, civilised and wholesome society where things are more genuine, more authentic, more plumbed into how we connect as people and how we learn, and how we build those relationships and those communities in terms of how we want to move forwards in our lives towards happiness and Well Being.

And, for me, learning has always been about curiosity; engagement; reaching out; building networks between people for the Common Good.

I think, in many ways, our communities have lost their way:

– whether they are more able and aspirational – they are disconnected from their learning and obsessed with achievement;

whether they are not so able, and dysfunctional, and, therefore, cannot connect with their learning –

they have not got the courage of having self-validated learning through their communities and, for me, we have to move on to that.

Now that’s quite a radical vision and the vision is: we reconnect our communities back to their learning.

We need to drive that learning using new technologies, social networks and networks in general between people. That entails changing or reconfiguring how we do things. It means we have to take the structures that are traditional and remodel them for the different learning spaces we can now inhabit.

I feel, in the coming years new technologies, social media, will afford us more ways in which to connect; we have to be imaginative; we have to take the initiative and connect our communities back to learning in a more authentic way.

Sugata Mitra and the Granny Cloud and self-sustaining, self-building communities of interest are the way forwards I feel. They can help evolve and make ways in which we can learn, ways in which we can authentically connect with each other, and spark that curiosity; that wonderful way of learning about stuff and sharing it with each other, and pulling ourselves up and creating a Better Life.

So that is my vision and the purpose of education.

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