L4LTV Prog. 1 now on YouTube

Learn 4 Life Programme 1 is now on YouTube.

Each fortnight we will livestream a show for interested teachers for 2 hours at primetime on a Saturday night at 9 pm GMT.

For the following 2 weeks we will make it available to a limited number of viewers on a growing playlist at http://tv.L4L.co.uk.

Then in the months that follow, we’ll have a rolling programme of pushing out the legacy shows to wider and wider audiences on the web – on Roku – on Apple TV – on Archive.org and as many web/ second screen TV and audio podcast outlets that we can find and disseminate to. We aim to make the show globally available to all teacher communities.

We’ll be key wording all these so teachers might come across them on searches for CPD and training to do with innovation in education. We aim to spread the video as widely as possible as we roll out each season.

We’ll also be disaggregating the content into separate interviews that people can eventually download and share across their own networks.

Here is the first programme on Games and Gaming – featuring Minecraft and other delights coming to mainstream schools in the UK – please do retweet and disseminate the internet addresses of the show if you enjoyed them – why keep it to yourself :

If you cannot see the video on your device please go to the URL below:


If you cannot see the soundcloud file on your device please go to the URL below:


All this costs an immense amount of time and money so we’d appreciate any financial help you can give, no matter how tiny a sum.

There is a very small donate button under this line – please help out if you enjoyed the show…

And if you don’t want to donate then maybe you want to share the existence of the resource – please use the “share this” widget below to spread the word. Have a great Christmas.

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