L4LTV Long interview with Jon Chippindall about KS1/2 Computing Resources

As part of the L4LTV series I have included the long interview I did with Jon Chippindall about his KS1/2 Computing Curricular resources for the new UK Computing Curriculum here.

Scrub to 27:15 to see the interview (you may want to wacth the whole programme).

I take far more video and audio interviews than those I include in the eventual fortnightly TV Programmes so I will release that content as the TV Station rolls out each week with the annotated or updated interviews.

This is supplementary content that can be linked to and referenced for academic or other purposes. Links to archive.org will also appear for those wanting a more permanent archived record of these conversations.

Please do publicise these videos, audio and text files as they could be of use to other teachers beyond the confines of social media. Don’t keep all the resources to yourself but spread them around please. That is the whole purpose of this venture.

I see many blogs that merely talk around education getting a lot of publicity but when someone disseminates actual practice and concrete solutions / ideas – that seems less popular for some reason.

I take the trouble to make these resources as widely available as I can please help by letting people know of their existence. It helps everyone in the long run.

If you cannot see the video above on your device just click on the link below:


Busy people can read the transcript of the interview below:

L4LTV Interview with Jon Chippindall on the UK Computing resources at KS1/2 he is working on

If you cannot see the document above on your device just click on the link below:


Here is an audio version on our soundcloud channel and we will be launching a new AudioBoo channel soon for further dissemination:

If you cannot hear the audio file on your device please go to the direct link at:


PDF archived at archive.org at > https://archive.org/details/L4LTVJC
Video archived at Archive.org at> https://archive.org/details/JohnChippendallLongInterview1280x7201
Audio archived at Archive.org at>

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