You have a week to save all the Teachers’ TV Videos – how to do it – power of the crowd.

So the government is wiping Teachers TV and all the videos that go with it and they are doing it in the Easter holidays in seven days time from this post on 29th April but they are opening up offers of third party organisations to host and stream it.

Unless there has been some done deals already then hosting and streaming is going to be expensive on any one organisation’s budget especially in these cash strapped times…

So how can you save this vital resource at grass roots level quickly and easily? Well here’s one way I am going to suggest – I am not sure if it breaks T&C’s with the Licence but we’ll suck it and see.

I am putting up a Google Doc for people to put down the programmes they have saved and the format they have saved them in. This is the MOST important part because UK schools can get in touch with other educational professionals in UK schools to get hold of resources. This, surely, is the BIG SOCIETY idea everyone is talking about…

I am starting the ball rolling by downloading the 24 Hard to Teach Videos and re-encoding them in MP4.

I am also setting up a Dropbox for 100 GB But I need paypal donations, please, to pay for the 100 GB space – it currently costs £182.00 for a year’s subscription. All donations from UK schools and teachers will be given access to the box. I must state quite clearly here I am not asking for money or profiting from distributing files outside of the UK – this is merely a donation to a 100GB dropbox in the first instance. NO money or profit is being made from this process. Only UK schools will have access.

There is only 7 days to organise and do this – please help save the TeachersTV archive and stop it getting into the hands of big commercial concerns who, possibly, will plaster advertising all over it for exchange of data.

We have 7 days to appropriate the content for ourselves and remash and localise to our heart’s content.

Remember – films can only be distributed within UK and UK schools – check each licence individually before download – some of the later ones are full copyright. Please, please fill in the Google doc.

The hashtag for this on Twitter is #saveTTV

We have reached the £180 in a few hours and 300 files downloaded (almost a 10th of the archive). I will now make a web post about what happens next.

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