Library Box 2.0 – free your resources

It works

I rarely post about computer kit these days unless I come across something exceptional. Equipment for teachers has to serve a need that can’t be met elsewhere and it has to be quick, easy, functional and work flawlessly each time. This piece of equipment was developed with a specific need in mind – places where networks don’t exist and/or are locked down.


When I read about the Library Box 2.0 Kickstarter campaign last year I could immediately see the advantages for schools.

1) NOT linked to the internet unless you want to.
2) A wireless router/ file server that can be battery driven.
3) Turn on any computer/ phone and fire up a browser on any device – you can access the files on the box through the browser.
4) A simple text messaging app that allows students to communicate with each other. (This can be turned off).

It can act as a simple library for students to access

– worksheets
– ebooks
– software

Extremely Portable

So obviously it can serve up pre-loaded materials on an ad hoc basis. If you use something like a Trent iCruiser portable power unit to power it then you are a walking router/ file server with 27 hours battery life – it goes where you go.

You are no longer tethered to the school network and you put on it what YOU want in terms of resources.

Your IT technician will hate it. I will be bringing it to a couple of conferences and TeachMeets next term.

Use it wisely

I cannot recommend it enough but I would caution unrestricted use – you WILL need to write a policy surrounding this piece of kit for specific use. At base level it is a portable e-book library that anyone can have access to quickly and efficiently. You can put as much or as little content on there as you want. YOU are in control not the school systems. You can use it for staff development or short term CPD / delivery of resources at point of contact. SLT might wnt to put all their relevant Ofsted docs on it and turn it on when the inspectors turn up at no notice…(be prepared to encrypt the info naturally).


Learn a bit more in my very hurried review below:

If you can’t see the video above on your device – click here:

Build your own – or buy it here

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2 Responses to Library Box 2.0 – free your resources

  1. vivianne amaral

    I am Brazilian and I use the LibraryBox the GIFT Project, participating in cultural events, occupations of collective spaces, educational projects and exhibitions of art and photography. We translated the manual deployment and made a manual for administrator / curator biliotecas. We called the version with which we are working CleverBox and are working to develop some adaptations to local conditions. We are spreading the initiative and people love it.

  2. leoncych

    Hi Vivianne,

    Great to hear that you are using this device in wider cultural contexts. Yes, I can see how it is so popular – it takes away a lot of the barriers that tech can provide and gives people access locally. Wonderful example – thank you.