Interview with Debra Kidd for Learn 4 Life

Before any broughaha about Debra Kidd’s book, Teaching: notes from the front line, emerged over half-term, I had requested a review copy for this interview. I am also a FRSA so I am interested in the ongoing Schools with Soul activity in the organisation at present.

The social media, ‘storm in an eggcup’, in response to an Academies Week review that followed, seems to have coloured a few people’s perceptions of what the message in the book actually is, or if it is, indeed, worth reading. I hope this filmed and audio interview gives a little more context and insight.

To be absolutely clear, I wasn’t to know a whole controversy would blow up over half term; it just coincided with my re-entry into interviewing key people in the education world in the UK. I hope you find it of interest.

I will remind people I have run the Learn 4 Life blog, in different incarnations, for well over 15 years. The content I make is always free to teachers and schools. I am extremely privileged (or mad, depending on your viewpoint) to be in a position to do this but I have worked towards achieving this particular independent media channel for teachers for over 7 years. I have invested my life savings and a fair bit of my time and resources over the years in this process – I am not generously funded or subsidised by think tanks or shadowy philanthropic investors but I do strive to be an independent voice in a jungle of counter-claims: it’s just me and a few cameras, bits of audio and computer equipment folks. My overall aim in all that time has not changed: to help teachers network with each other at grass roots level; to encourage them to blog whenever and wherever possible and to make and control their own media.

For the latest batch of films you will have to sign in to see them as I am gathering detailed analytics to bring in sponsorship. Content will always be copyright free and shareable in subsequent weeks; please bear with me in this process, it ensures this channel will continue to be financially viable.

The audio will appear over the weekend on my Soundcloud and AudioBoo accounts. To see the interview, please click on WEBTV in the side menu to access the film. It will be available on Youtube, The Internet Archive and “downloadable” (bleurgh) from Vimeo at a later date.

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