Blogs recommendations for the Week

Here are two blogs I recommend you go and look at for this week.

First is Jack Marwood‘s Blog Icing on the Cake it is really something every teacher in the UK must read.

Jack is both a Primary School Teacher and a whizz as statistics. His blog is pure crap detection. The latest post is superb and all about the “Bad Teacher” Factoid. A factoid is an of repeated Fact that is totally untrue!

Here is a  “factoid”:

“'Teachers who work in a given school, and therefore teach students
with similar demographic characteristics, can be responsible for increases
in math and reading levels that range from a low of one-half year to a high
of one and a half years of learning each academic year.’"

"‘A good teacher can get 1.5 years of learning growth; a bad teacher gets
half a year of learning growth.'”

In this case he outlines the thinking behind this Value Added Delusion and how it has permeated things like the Sutton Trust and the Gates report recently to justify outcomes.

As he says – and you must read the blog

“Teachers should not have to bear the brunt of bad ideas
based on something which is simply not true.”

Click on the blog to read it now or the link in the L4L Blog that goes with this post!

The second link you must read today is Old Andrew’s ultimate list of UK Bloggers

Are you in the UK – do you have an education blog then click on the Echo Chamber link and add yours to the list.

Old Andrew is particularly looking for more representation from Primary teacher bloggers and certain subject areas. Click the link and go along and see if you fit the bill.

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