L4Lnews 16-11-2014 Assessment and the Curriculum

If you cannot see the video above go to the direct link here:


or watch the non-interactive version, whiuch you can download an show in your school or to your SLT, here:


The interview with Dame Alison Peacock seems not to work on the video so here it is on the blog:

If you still can’t see it through your device just click on the link below:


I have curated all the blogs around this topic in a bit.ly bundle below – you can see Tim Oates’ Video – links to several blogger’s responses and to the consultation documents and online form:

Click on image to go to bitly links page


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2 Responses to L4Lnews 16-11-2014 Assessment and the Curriculum

  1. Viv Bennett

    Trying to listen to the interview with Alison Peacock but it’s too quiet. Any tips?

  2. leoncych

    Hi Viv, It is a properly recorded stereo broadcast perhaps one of your speakers (or channels) on your system isn’t configured properly. Try listening on another machine or plug in headphones and change over ears to see if it makes a difference – one channel may be missing? Check your own sound levels as well as SoundCloud’s – listen to it directly at:


    Let me know what happens – send me you email through the menu and I’ll send you a direct link to the file which I can make mono.