Quick Interview at BETT 2015 with @alicekeeler

I was on the Google stall talking with Jonathan Rochelle (@jrochelle) about exceptional teachers and their use of Google Forms when he happened to mention Alice Keeler was a BETT.

I first came across Alice a couple of weeks ago when I saw a number of really focused posts of hers around Google Apps and Forms on her site – I had seen her Mac Posts tips for searching for files on your Mac and offered up Easyfind from Devon Technologies as a free piece of very fast hard drive search software as a suggestion.

Within 15 seconds Alice had put up the resource on her website and also credited and informed me on Twitter that she had done that. Impressive – so I had to meet her.

Here’s quick interview I did with her using a GoPro and mini Gimbal steadycam. I was filming blind because my iPad Air couldn’t get a wireless connection. It seems to have come out OK. If you want to see some amazing Google Forms resources for use in Education and much, much more you must visit her site http://www.alicekeeler.com/teachertech/

This serendipity is what BETT is about at times – wonderful.

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