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I have been following the paths of several schools and their use of Digital Leaders.

There is a Digital Leaders introductory chat tonight on Twitter run by Simon Johnson the hashtag is #EdShowChat – and the topic is “How Do We create a Student Digital Leadership Team?

Later on in the evening there is #DLchat between teachers involved in the use of Digital Leaders in their schools.

The use of Digital Leaders came up again twice this week at two TeachMeets TMBexley and #TMNorthants2015 and many teachers are now talking about their Digital Leaders as Colleagues.

Look at Stacey from Bridgewater School‘s TouchCast video about her working methods and her reference to Digital Leaders.

If you can’t see the film above on your device go to:

Whilst I was at BETT I shot some film of Lady Lumley’s and Arden’s Digital Leaders and their teachers interviewing them.

Liz Allton and Chris Sharples brought their Digital Leaders to be filmed.

Here are their films

If you can’t see the film above on your device go to:


If you can’t see the film above on your device go to:

Liz Allton’s inspirational post, I think my Digital Leaders are great, is also here:

No blog on Digital Leaders would be complete without reference to Mark Anderson who has been involved with and writing about Digital Leaders for many years – here is a link to all his posts on this subject on his blog.

He has also written a free book on the topic Digital Leaders: Transforming Learning with Students in the Lead available on iTunes

Other allied resources and blogs (a lot of them from Chris Sharples‘ Blog)

Digital Leader Roadmap

Digital Leaders info

Digital Leaders Framework

Digital Open Badges for Digital Leaders

Digital Leader Network (seems to be a slow link)

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