So you want to “Periscope” #rED15


If you want to livestream a session at Research Ed 2015 here are a few tips.

1) Don’t do it from the Main Sports hall as I’m covering that with a broadcast camera and professional sound here > !

2) Sign up for the app at and link your twitter name to the app.

3) Make sure you can hold your phone still for 20 – 30 mins at a time or put it on a tripod; no-one likes a wobbly picture. Something like a Gorilla Pod with an iphone attachment is quite cheap or gaffer tape it to a chair…(not really) – There are iPhone tripod attachments out there if you have time before the conference.

4) Hold the phone VERTICALLY when filming you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong. I think the app reminds you now. (UPDATE this is no longer true; as of Friday 11th Sep you can use horizontal mode)

5) Sit at the front to film or it will have crap sound – or get a mic to plug into the phone. I can’t stress this enough – unless you are sitting next to a amplified loudspeaker – then you should be fine.

6) Make sure you have a spare battery for when the phone dies.

7) Make sure you have enough bandwidth to broadcast out from the venue – you may find the wifi is not strong enough and you will be broadcasting an unseeable pixellated picture – that combined with crap sound won’t make it worth it. If you do get a great signal from your phone service provider remember it will cost you.

Good luck.

Of course you can always book me on a course to show you how to do this professionally, even with an phone, at your school – see this course here 😉


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2 Responses to So you want to “Periscope” #rED15

  1. David Gilmour

    I used Periscope to capture @realdcameron at #rEDScot last week, my tips:
    – 4G worked really well, used about 10MB per minute of data (400MB for 40 minutes)
    – Attaching a top-up battery ( I use a Pebble 8000 avoids the phone running out of steam part way through, and still being useful afterwards
    – a Joby GripTight mount is a tiny device you can rely on to clamp a smartphone to a tripod mount thread.

    End result (transferred to YouTube now)

  2. Leon Cych

    Thanks David – and things might be a bit easier now periscope have introduced landscape streaming.