#L4LNews 2016-04-06

L4L News for 06/04/2016 

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1) The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Schools. Or “Of Course It’s Bloody Privatisation” – DisappointedIdealist @DisIdealist – looks behind forced mass Academisation and the “Chaff” that goes with it. There’s a very insightful comment at the end of this blog into how board, CEO and trustees work. Follow the money.

2) Joining the Dots. Mike Cameron https://twitter.com/mikercameron has a stab at compiling some stats from the Dfe data release. There is an extremely helpful comment from Laura McInerney http://www.twitter.com/miss_mcinerney on this page giving some strong contextual clarification about the pitfalls behind stats (and why we need vexacious FOIs)

3) An Africa first! Liberia outsources entire education system to a private American firm. Why all should pay attention. If you are worried about mass academisation then this story from Christine Mungai on Liberia opting to privatise its schools will give you pause for thought. The entire pre-primary and primary education system is to be outsourced to Bridge International Academies to manage.

4) Update – Graham Brown-Martin‘s medium post on the same topic above.


Video and podcast update commentary to follow.

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