Twitter Widgets to RSS Feed for twitter search

Just playing about I used Amit Argawal’s Twitter Widget to RSS feed script to make a Twitter Search Widget that you can see below

but then I turned that into a “readable” RSS feed via Amit’s Google script; which you can, in turn, then drop into any RSS reader saving you the trouble of going to Twitter and typing it in.

Here’s the URL parsed by FeedBucket for example.

Now I’ve updated this blog, I’m looking for faster ways of processing “search”; this script came in very handy. It saves me trawling mindlessly through Twitter every day – I can automate the process of search (especially within lists of core people I know who know a lot about education) to give me quick results that I can follow up on to write news stories reflecting discusion. Of course, this is only one feed…

I use Reeder on Mac and IOS have always found it extremely useful – I can apply further filters to drill through the info. I like the way I can export subscriptions to OPML; but enough geekery, I hope people find this example time-saving and useful.

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