Connecting an iPhone or iPad to an Ethernet

I owe this little trick to Nick Garnett (@nicholasgarnett)’s; his demo on Twitter a few days ago was amazing.

I already had most of the equipment he mentioned so I ordered the new Lightning to USB 3  Camera adaptor.

The bits you will need are the adaptor above – a USB3 hub to Ethernet lead – the Anker one he mentions is listed below.

A substantial portable battery to power the hub and phone/ iPad through the adaptor.

Then you turn off the Airplane Mode and wifi and connect it all up as in the video above.

When you go to go online the phone (in particular) gives you a message that reads:

Turn Off Airplane Mode or Use Wi-Fi to Access Data. Just ignore that and click OK. You should then be online through the ethernet cable.


USB to Ethernet

Here’s a list of all the stuff.

  1. Lightning to USB 3 Camera adaptor £25
  2. Spare Lightning Lead and extension £25
  3. Anker Unibody 3 port USB hub and ethernet port  £18
  4. EC Tech 2nd Generation USB 22400 mAh Battery £20

That’s a hefty £88 at the time of writing and there will be cheaper equivalents coming on the market all the time. I need to pay out for these as it will make my life much easier. I can live stream video from ethernet in hotels and other locations from an Ipad or phone. This will be a boon when I am training people or going into schools. It also cuts down the weight of all my kit.

If you are a larger school you might consider investing in this equipment – especially if you do a lot of filming of events.

Learn more at my ongoing FREE! course on:  How to set up a cheap video unit in your school.



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