High Quality Streaming to FaceBook live

With the ability to stream to FaceBook Live comes the opportunity to reach a much bigger audience.

I am a bit obsessed with getting really good quality streams for education so I’ve been experimenting over the last few weeks with streaming live to FaceBook.

I have an expensive copy of WireCast but I am really waiting for the new MacBook Pros to come out so I can use it in a more portable environment.

This setup enables me to have the ability to stream out a very high quality camera and audio for interviews and coverage of events. I can switch in videos and multi-camera effects – it will also enable me to broadcast a “show” on the go from events – it’s pretty powerful.

Here’s an example of one of my tests – I’ll be testing and incrementing the outcomes from the results of those tests as I go along. I’ll be sharing that on this blog.

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