How to use Twitter’s Moments as a personal newsfeed

Twitter has just turned on the ability for every user to create their own “Moments” feeds on desktop computers.

If you go to your Twitter on a PC and look at your home page you should see the new “Moments” option in the menu.

Moments Screen

Depending on how it is rolled out you might have to wait a while until you can create one but eventually the ability to post tweets to a stream shows up when you click on your picture on the desktop version (at the time of writing this isn’t possible on mobile).

Moments menu

From there you are taken to a page where you can search for and choose tweets on a subject, user, hashtag etc.

Creating a Moment

This is quite useful in creating a newsfeed stream of tweets especially for Mobile Devices.

I think the technology has potential – here is my first effort – pulling in a lot of info about VR in education.

You can add to the feed in real time and add tweets as you go along.

The only downside I can see, at present, is that you cannot re-order the tweets. The latest always come at the end. I’m guessing Twitter want you to delete some of the older tweets as news becomes more current.

Twitter offers you an option to get an embed code for the feed – see the results below embedded in this blog.

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