Maternity and Paternity Teachers can show the way for everyone on workload

Today I went to the first MTPT forum This is the first MTPT Project-specific forum, aiming to introduce the project to a variety of stakeholders.

I helped stream the session led by Emma Shepperd AKA Maternity Teacher or @MaternityCPD on Twitter.

You can see part of the inaugural meeting in the embedded tweet with the Periscope stream below. NB It starts 2.03 minutes in – click on the microphone symbol for sound.

After the session I asked Emma to give a quick overview of the organisation – here’s the film I took and, subsequently, edited on the tube on the way home:

It’s a shame the whole conversation wasn’t captured as it had big implications for CPD and part-time working for everyone not just Maternity and Paternity Teachers. I’m glad the Teacher Development Trust Network @NTENetwork was represented there by Bridget Clay, @bridget89ec. It would be good to see all the dots joined up in an initiative like this re: CPD.

There needs to be a change of culture and workload – sometimes cultural change comes in from left field and a sea change occurs – who knows? I think this an innovative initiative and if you haven’t seen the website – go here:


The Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project







it’s excellent.

Their next meeting is on Saturday 12th November at Regents High School, Chalton St, London NW1 1RX

I think these grass roots organisations and inspirational people like Emma deserve as much publicity as they can get to effect some change for everyone.

next Meeting

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