Last Test before launching the new Video Ed Channel

People who follow this blog regularly will know I frequently post tests from the audio/ video kit I own and keep promising to launch a new Video Ed News channel.

Inbetween commercial filming jobs I constantly learn about new filming and post production techniques and tweak them until I’m satisfied with one particular area of production and then I can feel I can move forward.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with fairly low level point and shoot cameras. I have much better quality cams but the Sony A500, in particular, has got the kind of filmic “look” I like and it’s small and so fits well into a small studio setup.

All this week I’ve been experimenting with Codecs, Metadata and Color Correction. The film above is probably my last test before producing a regular video news spot on UK education in my home studio.

Even that colour correction and encoding pales beside using something like DaVinci Resolve and LUTS. I rarely have time to experiment with different colour correction workflows as time, at my age, is precious but if you want to see what these small cameras are capable of and how you can get broadcast quality film looks out of them then download the raw film above encoded in high quality Apple Pro Res from here. Warning it’s a 2 GB file! This is the kind of quality I’d be looking for for a documentary project in the future. The wonderful thing about Colour Correction is that it involves both science and art.

This is also a showcase for the kind of quality I can get out of these small cams should you wish to employ me as a consultant to teach filming in your school or to come and film or livestream video for an event. Look at the Live CV and About L4L links on the site menu and then click on the Contact page if interested in a proposal.

I hope the new channel won’t be too long in coming.

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