Pre-filming tests for documentary

I’m pretty close to the look I want for a documentary I’m going to make on the state of Education, Pedagogy and Curriculum in the second decade of the 21st Century.

I’m also now much closer to completion in terms of what kit I’m going to use (for now!) – getting to grips with the technical aspects has been a running battle between time, resources, money and workarounds. Several life-events have also delayed me putting into practice my plans for such a film.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be putting up further filmed tests to compare cameras and lighting systems but at the moment I’m going for a highly portable mobile solution. I may just use this to model the use of higher specc’d cameras for the final film.

After that it will be down to researching and writing the scripts, hunting out locations and people then putting it all together. When the time comes I’ll be putting up a Patreon Page and launching an Indiegogo crowd-funding site.

I imagine the whole process will take 2 years+ from start to finish. My live-streaming work will be funding this, in the main, but I need funds for transport and accommodation whilst on the road.

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