Getting ready to launch a Twitter broadcast season



Over the last few months and years I’ve been testing and building a small TV studio to be able to do live and recorded broadcasts from my flat (or anywhere else for that matter!).

I did have some success with the first iteration a few years back, but since then, personal family matters have kept me from taking things further.

However, in the past few months I’ve built on that success and have been researching and testing how to push out content quickly and easily to people’s phones. I’ve been researching MOJO (MObile JOurnalism) kit and workflows and I’m back to strength in terms of beginning again.

I’ve researched countless mics, cameras and lighting and now I’m at the stage of being fairly sure I can broadcast out and livestream, recorded and live content, pretty much ad hoc at any time of the day or night.

This year I will have livestreamed both the Northern Rocks and the Research Ed Annual conferences. This will only build on that and all resources being put out by teacher communities.


So now that all the technical content has been put in place I’ve been working on research and workflows in the last couple of weeks.

To be able to comment on and broadcast about the current teacher activity online I have to have a system that can easily capture information. It has to be quick and efficient and something I can read and mull over to refer to later whether it is a tweet; a blog; a piece of research; a pdf; a diagram or even a film, and viewable on any portable device I am carrying at any one time. I need to be able to retrieve, add notes to and then edit links to those resources quickly, and from that research write scripts /programme notes etc.


My gotto program/ app is DEVONthink Pro Office (only available on the Mac). It is not cheap and I have the equivalent iOS apps installed on my phone and iPad so that I can view databases I have made with the relevant resources if I’m at the gym, coffee shop, library or (god forbid) my allotment. I can also capture and write back a link to that database (via Dropbox) from those devices.


In this process what became immediately obvious is that I needed to tag various resources so I can quickly retrieve them from the database on the go. For the last few months I’ve been religiously tagging all the content I’ve come across on Twitter put up by teachers. I use dedicated Twitter Lists to follow key people or groups and whenever they post a new blog or point to a new resource I snap it up, tag it and save to a DEVONthink Pro Database online.

In the last few weeks I’ve been linking the Alfred program on the Mac to a dedicated DEVONthink database search hotkey. I can now search and retrieve all the tags linked to documents on the database within three quick combinations of keypresses. This, for me, is pretty much research satori and I can pull up and amend/ copy any resource at speed.



I use a program called OmniOutliner to put my thoughts down on and scaffold scripts – I’ll use Scrivener if I’m writing longer pieces – all these apps are also linked to databases in the cloud and, again, I can access them from wherever I am. But the most useful resource, I’m finding, to flesh out and rewrite stuff, is the old fashioned notebook. Now if only I could get some software to “read” my handwriting into a scan …




A new, live show will be broadcast out through Periscope and therefore through Twitter in the autumn. Look out for the tag #L4L_News
None of this comes cheap so I will also be launching a Patreon page for donations as content rolls out.

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