Some advice for Teachers new to Twitter in the new term

Everyone seems to be writing a blog on different aspects of advice for new teachers.
Here’s some for a teacher starting on Twitter for the first time at the beginning of term.

1) Actively time your use of Twitter – use – be disciplined
2) Learn to use Twitter’s Advanced Search – – put in keywords at first;
3) Find out the best hashtag # chats where teachers are sharing resources and/or discussing information relevant to your key stage
3) Put people into lists you have created – compile a list of blogs that are useful to your professional development
4) The Twitter “like” button (little heart) is best used for tracking resources and threads but becomes unwieldly if used too often
5) Stay away from Twitter debates at first – they are a timesink – you’ll be far more productive and happier doing something else offline – see 1 above and 9 below
6) Learn how to use the mute accounts and mute keywords functions to filter out noise from signal
7) Don’t type/text anything to anyone on Twitter you wouldn’t say to them face to face in real life
8) Always give people the benefit of the doubt – don’t jump in half-cocked about a topic before reflecting first – be polite
9) If you get upset about something someone has posted, don’t dwell on it, leave Twitter – go out for a walk, read a book or do something more productive instead i.e. go to an education conference (best 2 grass roots ones are ResearchEd and Northern Rocks) or attend a local Teachmeet. If your Key Stage and/or subject is organised then seek out members and put them into a Twitter List then ask around for resources/ help
10) Follow up book recommendations – get your SLT to buy a staff CPD library or buy a couple of well stocked staff Kindles – keep up to date
11) Don’t believe anything anyone posts on Twitter unless you have 3 independent sources of verification
12) See 1

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