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Well – I lasted six months and I’m back. The latter half of this year has been devoted to getting fit, rebuilding stamina, reading and reassessing how I go forward into my 60’s. My heart troubles seem less of a problem so that is a boon.

I will be making the odd video post on here until the Spring of 2019; then, I think, it will be time to call it a day. I will concentrate on merging film and poetry as art forms. I’m looking forwards to a trip to Iceland in March for inspiration.

In the meantime here are my thoughts on the rollout of the forthcoming new curriculum inspection framework for schools in 2019.

Blogs referenced in the video are: 

With other useful blogs on all this from different ends of the agegroup telescope on all this are Clare Sealy‘s

and Christine Counsell‘s here

There’s also a related blog here from Mr Almond

Have a good rest in what remains of the winter holiday and may you return to work calm, recovered and inspired.

Doubtless I will be adding more to this list…

And here they are –

Tickets available for the Canon’s Park TSA conference – it is free.

A free conference for educators, Rebuilding Curriculum & Assessment 2: Learning Lessons seeks to bring school staff, school leaders, educational academics and policy-makers together to consider what we have learnt in recent years in light of huge curriculum and assessment changes. It is a forum for colleagues to share, to reflect, to understand and to improve our practice, and outcomes for children, further in light of our experiences.

Keynote speakers will set the tone for the day. Breakout session leaders will contextualise key themes in sharing their practice. Talking lunches will give delegates the opportunity to have their say about the issues that matter.

Confirmed speakers include: Professor Daniel Muijs, Mary Myatt, John Tomsett, Ben White, Helen Ralston, Martin Galway, Evidence Based Education, Charlie Harber, Phil Stock, Jon Hutchinson, Tom Needham.

There’s also a conference at Pimlico school on 26th Jan 2019 but it is already sold out! If you can beg, steal or borrow a ticket go to this link.

Any more curricular links I’ll think of putting a resource and calendar together. Just click on the word “contact” below and give me the info:

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