Filming at BETT 2019

This is probably my last year filming at BETT 2019. In order to get good interviews on the fly I will be using a phone, an Osmo Pocket, a MikMe studio quality microphone and a mini-tripod to capture interviews. This setup is also extremely useful to put together for a small film unit in schools.

Have a look at the quality of the video below and see what is manageable with very small and portable kit these days. Basically broadcast quality video and audio.

I have spent years trying to miniaturise film kit and this is probably the smallest kit I’ve ever put together. It isn’t cheap but it is a broadcast quality package.

I am also starting to make these films as exemplars – so QED – they are short, to the point and have pointers or text where necessary – no more information than you need.

The Osmo Pocket, in particular, is revolutionary – you could just use that on its own but with this rig it makes everything superstable. Part of my problem in the past has been being able to monitor sound and picture when doing an interview – with this kit that becomes super easy.

You can attach the Osmo Pocket to an iPhone or Android with a USB C cable and have the best of both worlds.

To see how to marry the better MikMe (or any other external recorder) with the reference video audio go to my free course on filming with an iPhone here –

The password is “L4LTV”.

It is totally free – there is no catch or joining fee. It is there to help teachers develop their expertise when making truly professional videos with the minimum of equipment and time!

I have devoted my last few years to helping teachers make media as good as (or even better than) mainstream media. We live in an internet age with different types of media competing for students’ attention. Isn’t it better to use well made (and well designed media) to get knowledge across in a quick and efficient way? If that is your thing – enjoy.

Now if only people were to use these techniques to build a good film library of curricular lectures and materials… I guess I can still only dream but this kind of thing is my legacy. One day the education community might see the value in all of this.

How to use multimedia effectively and efficiently is also on the course. If you want to make clear, precise and time saving curricular course media give it a try. It is free!

Kit Used in (and to make) the Video

Woohot Mount
USB C to lightning cable
Manfrotto tripod
Amaran ALM9 Light
3D Printed Osmo Pocket Tripod Adaptor

MikMe – Studio Grade Microphone

Pedco Ultra Universal window clamp

Osmo Pocket Gimbal

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