New Daily Mini-News Service and Podcast

As you may know I can no longer get out and about filming and documenting live educational events. Two months ago my father fell down his cellar stairs and received very severe traumatic brain injuries. The upshot of this was that I have ended up caring for him full time. At present he is back in hospital once again and due to return home in the near future.

However I am in a position to make and broadcast daily news from my home studio. I will be covering news events related to innovation in education on a daily basis as both a short video and audio broadcast. I will also be doing Skype interviews and short films around important issues in the education computer science, ICT and Digital Literacy worlds.

As I am now severely locked down when it comes to income, so any sponsorship or writing opportunities would be most welcome. I can still write and film but only at limited times at home.

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5 Responses to New Daily Mini-News Service and Podcast

  1. Mark Berthelemy

    Hi Leon,

    It’s good that you’re still able to be involved in the community. Your contributions have been and will be extremely valued.

    What you need is a roving team of reporters that you can direct from home… Although that’s probably highly impractical and not at all cost-effective! 😉

    I hope things work out with caring for your father. It’s a hard role to take on…

    All the best,


  2. Carol

    Sad news that you are house-bound for the moment Leon but great to hear that you can keep broadcasting 🙂 I thought you r father was on the mend, I do hope he gains a little independence again soon.

    Thinking of you all!
    Best wishes

    Carol xx

  3. Luisa Miguel

    Hi Leon,

    I have been followed your important education work for a while and I would like to thank you so much for all the relevant information you kindly share on the networks, related to that field of action. I have been learn very much with you and hope you will continue interventive. All the good and luck for you and your father and hope you can get some support as well at home.
    Best Wishes,

    Luisa miguel

  4. Joe Wilson

    Hi Leon

    Will keep an eye out and all the best to you and yours


  5. Jennifer Johnston

    Hi Bill, met you at LWF the year before last. I’m so sorry about your Dad’s accident. Really hope things will improve for you and wishing you well.
    Jennifer (jennijoh)