Learn 4 Life News and Comment 6-11-2012

Image attribution http://www.flickr.com/photos/mhcseattle/1246344329/

Image attribution http://www.flickr.com/photos/mhcseattle/1246344329/ Creative Commons Licence

Unlike other “bots” that bring you education niche news, this service is designed to have more of a human touch. I have personally looked at and vetted all the links in this broadcast; it is designed to be listened to by busy teachers before or after school.

The link to the broadcasts and resources will go out between 7-8 am every morning in time for teachers to download and listen about, or, heaven forbid, watch the video to see the resources. I am making the emphasis upbeat and positive with links to events and inspirational and morale boosting resources, clever ideas and hooks into the teacher practitioner community.

The short, pithy articles are there to catch people’s interest early in the morning whilst they are preparing their classrooms and planning for the day ahead or to wind down to and reflect on after a hard day’s work.

All links are available as an audio podcast, a video, a linkbunch of URLS and a “licorize” bookmark which will lead by tags to other resources as the broadcasts build into an archive.

I will be doing one or two a week to see how they are received and I’ll build up to a daily depending on my stats. So – to today’s broadcast.


Learn 4 Life news 6th November 2012


There is an annotated index to the timed sections on YouTube Page as well –







Link to Licorize booklet with links for those of you who prefer to read it all:


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  1. Clare Fenwick

    Leon this is great – thank you

    looking forward to the next one