Storifying TeachMeets – why this counts

Photo attribution @Dughall on Twitter

Tonight I watched the excellent YouTube stream of #TeachMeet Bolton (#tmbolton) set up by David Mitchell .


I have been trying to think of a way to capture what goes on at key teachmeets quickly and efficiently for researchers in the future so TeachMeet can be seen to be a viable and sustainable CPD resource or #CPD2.0 as @Dughall put it on the night.

Why archive the tweets? Well they disappear almost immediately two weeks after from the Twitter “firehose” so they need to be archived sharpish and Storify does that admirably.

Being remote but having access to good broadband and a brilliant Google Hangout video stream, I was able to cut and paste the presenters’ details into the hashtag of the TeachMeet on Twitter #TeachMeet Bolton and then rip that info into Storify – I also searched and sourced all the links mentioned and put them in the Storify too. I could also hunt for the SOLO resources mentioned on YouTube and drop them in on the fly too so it is a very powerful way of immediately cataloguing what went on – the result is below: and the Storify resources for #TMRicky

It would also be possibe to hyperlink to every specific presentation in those videos too but I’ll leave that up to @DeputyMitchell 😉

All this will then go into an archive of TeachMeet (and other dated resources) here > (click on the TeachMeet tags!) so anyone can search in the future or get in touch with people about their practice.

The teachmeet revolution rolls on – long may it thrive.

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