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Last month I went along to the iPads in the Classroom event at the London Knowledge Lab. It was a dissemination of the summation of “research” about the use of iPads in the Classroom.

Despite the various studies I am still unconvinced about wholesale use of iPads in classrooms. For me the big issue is the “lockin” that happens when using these devices. One thing that did seem to emerge out of the mist in this session, however, was the ease with which data can be garnered whilst using them.

Partway through the morning I came across Stefan Kreitmeyer’s use of iPads in synchronous, face to face, networked devices. I spent some time talking with him about the strategies he employs.

For me, this is the most interesting and considered use of the tools. I am drawn to uses of technology that allow users to connect and teach and learn in ways not before possible.

Have a listen to the interview below and look at his website at

If you cannot see the Audio link just click here:

The transcript of the Interview is also now available on Scribd for free – see window below:

Transcript of Interview With Stefan Kreitmayer at London Knowledge Lab 25-01-2013 by

It is well worth going to the free events at London Knowledge Lab . I also interviewed Richard Noss about the Lab and what it does:


Here are my notes on MindMeister about the report-

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If you can’t see the report on your device – try here:

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