What I use for a live streaming portable radio station

People have asked me about the dark arts of live audio streaming and the kit I use with iPhone and iPad to do it.

Here are the specs.


First off I have a professional subscription to Mixl– this is about £4.99 a month (Feb 2013 at the time of writing).

Mixlr service

This allows me to hook up mics and stream out audio from a wireless network or ethernet connection.

It’s available for iPhone/ iPad and Mac. You set up your connection,; you stream out and the broadcast is automatically archived.

2) An Audio Teechnica ATR2 – 100 USB AND XLR mikenot available in the UK.

The ATR2 is probably the best cheap podcasting microphone there is – order it from Amazon, New York and pay the duty – you won’t regret it!


3) iRIG – pre

In order to get a higher quality XLR connection into an iPad or iPhone the buy an iRig – pre (@£24.00)




 4) XLR Lead

Lastly you’ll need an XLR lead.

I’ll be using this setup to take a live feed from a mixing desk at #TeachMeet London

So that is how you do it – good luck – a must for any media department in a large secondary school.

I’m sure you can work out variations, like a mixing desk, MiFi connection and mike stands, on this theme. Good luck.

Don’t forget to get permissions and signoffs beforehand…

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