Interview with Dan Sutch – Researcher at Futurelab

I talked with Dan Sutch to see some of the latest projects and developments from Futurelab. As usual we could have talked all afternoon and it was late on the Saturday after a long show and Dan highlighted two projects involving mobile devices:

Fizzees – (Physical Electronic Energisers) is a prototype project that enables young people to care for a ‘digital pet’ through their own physical actions. In order to nurture their digital pet, keep it healthy and grow, young people must themselves act in physically healthy ways.


Createascape – Dan talks about the concept of Mediascapes which are a collection of location-sensitive sounds and images that are placed in local landscapes that can then be experienced via a PDA hand-held computer and headphones.

Both projects highlight the real to virtual and vice versa – the augmentation of reality and the extensibility of real life by use of mobile devices. As Dan points out when talking about the Futurelab publication What if in the context of BSF – these devices can be used to extend and augment the built environment already there or enable the learner to move among the landscape in different imaginative scenarios freeing them up from traditional learning spaces. John Davitt has a few ideas on BSF and tools for teachers too if you care to listen.

Lastly Dan talks about the new Call for Ideas – the current theme is called Innovative Tools for Future Teaching and is open from 22 January until 2 March 2007.


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