Why you need production quality sound on videos

I’m really pleased so many teachers and pupils are making their own videos now but there is one thing that people always cut corners on – and that is sound quality.

It doesn’t take much to make the sound on a video much, much better; here’s a little (squashed!) teaser vid of a 5 minute video I’m making for TeachMeet later this month – the original sound is from the Logitech 920 camera – the second section is with the sound from a powered XLR Mic into an iPad.

The iPad is a wonderful sound production machine. All you need are the right tools. Judge for yourself here:



Now isn’t that better?

Details of all equipment to follow later in the month.

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2 Responses to Why you need production quality sound on videos

  1. LL

    Just curious…is that a iPad mini? Also, what are your thoughts on recording video with the iPad directly, for some reporting purposes/interviews? Or the iPhone for that matter?

    • admin

      No that is an iPad – some people are reporting iPad Minis don’t recognise some sound mixers. I think that if you can keep the iPad/iPhone stable and close to the subject and control the ambient sound to some extent, they are perfectly fine.