Giving ICT CPD for E-Safety in Second Life

In this interview I talk with Carol Rainbow about how she has managed to evolve ICT CPD for E-Safety inside Second Life.

Carol is an ICT consultant for Oxfordshire and is probably the only person in the UK who is using Second Life to deliver CPD at school Local Authority level in this way.

A lot of corporate firms spend some considerable time building elaborate ‘orientation’ areas to provide solutions for staff training. Carol, however, concentrates on building a community of practice from the start inside Second Life.

Teachers’ log in from their own homes and the training sessions are held later in the evening. She gives people just enough information to be able to get to the training area and communicate effectively.

This video provides a very thorough basic outline in scaffolding how to hold such a session. She will be talking in more depth about the process at the free Learn 4 Life conference in Second Life on the Learn 4 Life Island on Saturday 14th November 11am – 3pm GMT. If you are interested in securing a ticket for this event please register in the form below.

In the video below is a video record of one of her sessions:

And in the following video there is a collaborative exercise in making an E-Safety poster in Second Life.


Please sign up above for the event – there are only 15 tickets left…

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