EduGamesHub Launches – Interview with Kirsten Campbell-Howes

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to interview Kirsten Campbell-Howes about her new venture, EduGamesHub, launched at Mind Candy HQ.  Kirsten, along with Martha Henson, has slowly built up a gamers community for education, #LegUP that has been phenomenally successful; so successful that the need for a hub was inevitable.

This is one of the most exciting initiatives I have seen in the educational space for quite some time. Campbell-Howes is one of the sharpest people, in terms of vision, in this area I know. Being a former teacher she is extremely focused and unforgiving about certain types of “educational game” but there is always a playful undertow to what she says and does.  Also, being a games design expert, she is one of those people I love interviewing because all  the sets in the Venn Diagram between education, commerce, outside expertise and pedagogy overlap, and at the heart that is where innovation starts to happen. People with expertise in all those different silos are often the most interesting – that is certainly the case with Campbell-Howes.

What was excellent about the launch was the number of cross-silo ideas that emerged during the evening. Kim Blake from UKIE talked about the new STEM Games Ambassador scheme – someone I have marked down to interview soon. Several games designers and teachers got up to speak and debunked the usual nostrums about the educational gaming community. A lot of the gamer designers  I met were not the stereotype you might imagine either.

What I admire about EduGamesHub is the fact it is quite resolutely a work in progress; a living community dedicated to making education better through the medium of gaming and media.

If you happen to be a rich philanthropist who wants to make a difference in education then  listen to the interview below and and almost certainly bung some dosh their way – they know what they are doing.


If you cannot see the player above on your device – click here instead.

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