BETT 2010 – halfway there…

I have had an amazing BETT 2010 so far. Most of my time has been spent at the Open Source Cafe and on the MirandaMod stands streaming video out in real time and making small vox pop videos like this :

But the most interesting part of the BETT2010 show so far was the AmplifiED event held on the Thursday night – about 20 people of the projected 60 turned up but the evening was a fantastic success. As usual my Mac is chuntering away in the background encoding video of all the sessions but in the meantime before I go to bed here’s a very quick and jerky video teaser I threw together quickly to whet your appetite for the HD quality films to come.

Tim Rylands had to leave early, but, as usual, his input was both entertaining and informative – the quality of discussion was very high in all three convos – thanks to Drew Buddie and especially Danny Nicholson for organizing everything – I hope to have the video of the sessions out next week – it was a lively evening. Interesting to get some cross-sector opinions and lively debate – I definitely want more AmplifiEd events to stir up debate across the country – excellent.

The amazing Joanne Jacobs liveblogged the evening as well – more coming soon.

TeachMeet tomorrow night should be very interesting…

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