Amplified Education

At BETT2010 this year – one of the fringe events that was very low key but very popular (these videos separately have been viewed almost 500 times), was the Amplied Education discussion evening.

I am grateful to the 20 or so people who turned up for the round table discussions – there were at least 3 Becta ICT in Practice Award winners there that evening which might give you an idea of the quality of debate, interest and focus around the subject.

Here are the three sessions captured on film:

1) Games in Education led by Tim Rylands

2) Fun at Work PART 1 led by John Heffernan

Fun at Work PART 2

3) Digital Identity PART 1 led by David White where he kicked off with his Visitors and Residents idea,

Digital Identity PART 2

We only touched on 3 subjects from over 20 on the wallwisher site put up for the purpose :

For me the evening was fascinating and I hope to organise and film (with Drew Buddie)  further sessions looking at theory, practice, ideas across sectors not just education in the coming months. My thanks go to all the people who turned up and the participants willing to film, document and take part in these sessions. It has taken me half a week to process and upload the video (anyone got some friendly CUDN access in London (The London Metropolitan Network)they want to donate to this cause in the future? After all we are capturing a lot of useful data?)

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