Video archive

This is a totally free archive that is free from advertisements. It is a pointer to a growing archive of films over the last five years (about 500 in total and rising fast) of teachers and other practitioners at Teachmeets and other events.

Here are a few playlists from recent events – all the videos are in one handy place in each video placeholder – just play the video, pause and hold your cursor above the video and you can see the lists of further videos for that event.

You can also see them all full screen if you click the TV set icon in the bottom right. I doubt there is a bigger resource on innovation in ICT and computing in the UK. All free to use for training or education purposes – please credit me.

2012 is the year I launch a higher quality IPTV channel with broadcast quality film and audio in preparation for the digital switchover.

Example of latest video:

Luise Ludwig’s Presentation at MirandaMod BETT 2012 on her research into bringing Ipads into classrooms.

Learn4Life will be one of the main content providers in this area now Teachers TV has gone.

I subsidise this service to the tune of literally thousands each year. I earn less than the average wage…

Not many people who download or embed these films realise the true cost of production and the financial cost to me.

Few realise that I pay for all the :

  • cameras,
  • lights,
  • audio recorders,
  • streaming servers,
  • online hosting services,
  • transport to and from a venue,
  • hotel bills

and not to mention my time for post production and distribution all myself.

This adds up to a lot of money and I have come close to going under with my business in past years.

I forgo holidays and “free time” to do this as a service to the community but it has got to the stage where I cannot afford to do more than a handful of pro-bono events every year before it starts to impact on my business. Where I can think of creative solutions to subsidise the service, I do.

The commercial work I do goes towards making and distribution of these films.

I am currently 75 – 100 films behind in the post-production, distribution, archiving process – I am catching up but events that are not paid for have to go to the back of the queue while I work on commercial projects which bankroll the free ones. Please think about donating by paypal below if you fancy subsidising some of these services.

Even a small amount would help.

Please get in touch for commissions for commercial films as these do subsidise these free, open resources.

Naace’s NextTech event at Policy Exchange on Thursday 8th September 2011

The Computing at Schools Conference – July 2011

TeachMeet TV

Purposed Education – May 2011

TeachMeets – Various highlights ongoing



Naace conference 2011

BETT Jan 2011

Open Source Schools

Learn 4 Life – Miscellaneous

There is an ongoing historical tagged archive of the films I have made from 2005 to the present day here but it is taking forever :

this will take some years to complete but will be available at the Internet Archive and my own Blip TV and Vimeo channel.