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Broadcast News for Education Issues in the UK

Learn 4 Life is run by Leon Cych (@eyebeams on twitter) and is the one place for in-depth news about innovation in education in the UK and the world.

We are a unique niche web broadcasting service. No-where else is there a platform like this for the teaching and advisory community. We make and distribute films and podcasts using a variety of cameras, field recorders and media. We use professional level equipment for sound and video/ video streaming.

We are increasingly using smart phones to capture and disseminate content to do with grass roots teacher activity in the UK. Below are a number examples of filming from highly polished broadcast quality video and audio to livestreamed content broadcast from mobile devices.

Example of Latest films

The Livestreaming, HD Video and Audio Archive of Michaela School

Michaela School


A #Mojo (Mobile journalism) series of interviews about 3D printing – here’s one example. Filmed on an iPhone 6+

Ande Gregson – Co-founder Fablab London – The Entrepreneur

You can read in more depth about 3D printing use in schools here and here.

Interview with Donald Clark broadcast as a Live Video Stream from the #rEDTech conference in London Camera: iPad Air 2 + Periscope App

Audio of interview with Donald Clark..

You can see / hear all the livestreamed content from the day here: http://www.l4l.co.uk/?p=25136

Beowulf the Video Game – Camera iPhone 4s

Read about this innovative project here:


Interview with Ian Rawes – London Sound Survey; Camera: Sony PXW-X70

A quick #Mojo (mobile journalism) piece on the Save Our Sounds project at the British Library. Shot entirely on an iPhone 4s!

Online debate captured from the Blab Live Streaming Platform (3 synchronous webcams discussion)

Teacher Toolkit Book Launch – Camera Canon G7X


Multi Camera Shoots

Schools Week

This was 3 camera shoot at short notice turned around in 1 day for the launch of Academies Week :

Filming Live Events

We live streamed the ResearchED Conference – it had 700 teachers in attendance and here’s a flavour of what we broadcast on the day. This is video of Dylan Wiliams had 2,000 views!



Live Video Streaming from a London Bus!!!

Filmed and streamed live on London Bus for #TMLondonBus. Broadcast quality – in real time – on the move!

Live streamed and post produced and the entire #TMCollab session on 25-09-2013 in less than 8 hours:.

From the Recent ResearchED Conference at Dulwich College.

High Quality Live Streaming

We film and then broadcast educational events in High Definition video. We do live streaming and reporting on educational issues around innovative use of technologies in education. We focus on the issues to do with teaching and learning and act as a conduit to the teaching community.

Our commercial work with charities and corporates allows us to do Pro Bono work for the teaching communities. Hire us and it subsidises the media we capture for the teaching community.


Our latest venture is theEDfiles podcast which has news, views, interviews and allied media about general education in the UK

We make all films and audio available for download in several formats – including, recently, iPhone and 3G. All our films, unless premium content (coming soon), are released on

All our films, unless premium content , are released on a Education Commons ShareAlike Licence and are automatically mirrored and tagged at the Internet Archive for Historical documentation purposes. They are free to download, keep and share – all we ask is an attribution and a link back to our site if possible.

Learn 4 Life is the one place where people come for quick updates for information, pedagogy and practice in education – we document what is happening in teacher communities in the UK.

We attend academic, commercial and community events, film them, tag them and write a precis and sometimes transcripts of the most important ones for archival purposes.

Our role is not strictly a commercial one neither is it academic although we work in both those worlds as well – we aim to add value to whatever partnerships we forge in the way of business but we are not entirely business focused.

Our business model is highly original – we will usually find some way to feedback resources to the Teaching and Education communities – formal and informal.

We are unique – no-one else does this as a business model.


More Broadcast Quality Programmes in 2013/4

In 2013-14 we are scaling up even further to show as many exemplars of good practice in schools with lots more interviews and insights for leaders and practitioners in this field. Our policy is to showcase as much good practice as we can and make the world aware of the groundbreaking teaching going on in the UK.


The New L4LTV Station

We have the best teachers in the world in the UK and we are out to showcase their excellent practice.

Between these years we are focusing on CPD.

We are also making 2 documentary films and launching a CPD “magazine style” TV and a Radio channel. We are actively looking for commercial sponsors.

We can do film to a higher quality and faster than most schools or colleges and with a larger scope – so we concentrate on what is happening between teacher communities and support them at teacher meetups like TeachMeet, Pedagoo and other bottom up initiatives where possible. If you are a commercial firm – when you hire us, you are providing services for the teacher community by funding our pro bono work – it is as simple as that.

L4L’s Online Broadcast Radio Station

 Archived radio content

Learn 4 Life and the major mainstream educational broadcasting companies

We find we are increasingly able to augment the larger broadcasting companies’ stories about education and although we do not “yet” have the facilities for mainstream Television Broadcasting, we find we often complement what the BBC or Channel 4 are doing. In 2013 we will be using full broadcast cameras to capture and output content ready for IPTV channels. We also plan to launch a fully fitted out TV studio brodcasting network for teacher CPD in 2014 -15. We are looking for financial backers.In the future, we’ll be looking to put in full ISDN Broadcast equipment to be available for comment on Radio Shows and mainstream radio. Get in touch for our rates.

With the demise of Teachers TV we will be one of the first production companies to cover ICT Education stories with full 50 Mb/s 4:2:2 for broadcast and providing 4K, 1080/50P, 1080/25P and 720/50P compression for web.

We have good relationships with all of mainstream media companies and have worked in tandem – sometimes consulting and giving input – with them. We do not see educational broadcasting in the new media environment as being in competition with any one corporation or company but rather a series of collaborations and partnerships that serve the educational community in this country.

Future Content

For our activities month on month and our future road plan just click on the Consultancy / Clients tab at the top of the page. There you can see what we are getting up to in the near future and links to videos, podcasts and resources we have made.

New – Mini Courses

L4L is teaming up with others to offer new mini-courses in difficult to do areas that are highly popular but need a little bit of management. Want to improve your skillset – then enrol for a few of our courses in the New Year. See the blogpost here.

Constant Innovation

We believe in constant innovation and are continually searching out and highlighting good practice in and outside learning institutions. Each year we update our production equipment and are very focused on maintaining quality production standards ready for the next broadcasting revolution which wil be based in schools and homes.

Get in Touch

We have a unique skillset – we have worked in both education and corporate environments and have evolved this model of business over a number of years.  If you like the exemplars and ethos of the way we do things and the way we do business or are interested in partnering or sponsoring us, then get in touch here