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Film of my latest Green Screen course at Northants Uni by Ashley Williams

Present projects and recent activity, clients and consultancy

You may know me as the person who films and documents TeachMeets and other key ICT conferences. However I do a whole lot more.

As well as the filming and documenting change in the UK educational system I teach in schools; write books and articles; design ICT courses; make Virtual World and Real World Learning spaces, I give CPD and talk at conferences and TeachMeets.

Video Services

I have video industry skills and use broadcast quality cameras. I use Adobe Creative Cloud software and have expertise with video streaming live events.

Depending on events, access and costs I live stream events for charities, governmental bodies and other corporate organisations. I also do high quality post production. I am proficient in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, After Effects and many other media creation tools.

I do, sometimes, do pro bono work for schools and teacher communities but where the costs are prohibitive I might charge a small fee to cover costs. Otherwise corporate work subsidises my philanthropic activities. I will not undertake work that would compromise my values or work done for teacher communities.

Cheap and Fast

My services are probably some of the cheapest on the market with a very quick turnaround depending on context. I tend to do a lot of very fast, small jobs cheaply and quickly that guarantee me a steady stream of work.

Independent ICT Consultancy

I am one of the very few truly independent education consultants in the UK. By that I mean I am not allied to any Local Authority, Commercial Firm or Academic Institution. I tend to work with highly innovative partners who are passionately dedicated to charting the learning landscape in the UK and its changes through facilitation of new technologies and social networking. I believe that the local school communities know best and work to help schools and institutions help themselves. I don’t believe in parachuting in and telling people what to do without a context or insight into the community.

I’m happiest in an environment of steep and constant learning curves. My specialties are the documenting of the gradual innovative change in education in the UK by using Digital Video and Audio. Tracking, documenting and blogging about Open Source, Virtual Worlds, Computer Science and Digital and Social Literacies.

Learn 4 Life was one of the very first educational podcast broadcasters in the UK – it was one of the first independent education Islands in Second Life. Learn 4 Life also pioneered the use of small, portable live video streaming over the internet over 4 years ago.

I regularly give talks to professional associations and commercial business on the use of Web 2.0 distributed learning materials. I have written for numerous mainstream and trade education magazines including the TES, ICT and the Guardian. I co-wrote the Friends of Ed, Flash MX express book.

I also video interview mainstream innovative figures in education and other industries – see this interview with Jane McGonigal on Education and Gaming:

I was former editor of ICT in Education for Naace and have given consultancy, training and advice to BECTA, The DCSF, TDA as well as numerous commercial educational firms.

My commercial work subsidises my philanthropic work in education.

I am also documenting, through film, the changes in education at the present time enabled by communities linked through digital networks. I interview and disseminate high quality film and audio about key players.

I can be booked to give consultancy to your school, LA or business/ showcases, usually with filmed exemplars, the latest in these technologies or events. However, with schools, I usually end up telling people how they can do it cheaper for themselves locally with local people and resources. I am, in many ways, anti-consultant if schools can do it themselves. Corporates, charities and the third secor are an entirely different matter. I offer full commercial consultation services as these pay for the pro bono work I do in schools.

Interactive Video

I’m also a great believer in using video in a very focused and precise way to communicate. I am a TouchCast Ambassador – see how I use interactive video below to showcase new and useful teaching materials and to let people know about my interviews with key educators.

Learn 4 Life was established 11 years ago to highlight and disseminate new and innovative use of ICT/ Computer Science by teachers and advisers. It has a history of firsts for use of innovative technologies for news of teacher communities in the UK.

Here you can read what I get up to month on month; some examples of my work and a list of just some of the clients I work with and the people I meet and have discussions with.

See what I’m up to and the year ahead as things get confirmed. This has been my busiest year yet!

My pro bono work is now totally full for the next two years but if a project is compelling enough I can usually be persuaded to give time and resources especially if it furthers better connections and communication between learners. Why else are we here but to do good and make the world a happier place?




Filming for the Teaching College – ClaimYourCollege campaign


Filming at BETT

Two pieces of “philantropic” Pro Bono work. Keep watching the first (@ianaddison) until the end… (I had no control over the sound.)

School Digital Leaders

for a blog on Digital Leader resources and networks.

+ New Commercial Clients 4 Matrix

February 2015

Leicester City Council

OER Schools Conference Panel Videos and presentations.

Iris Connect Shaping CPD Conference Live Stream

March 2015


We have begun to ask for feedback from our clients – this is our latest from Mike Bostock at 4Matrix:

‘I was delighted with the video which you produced for us from the BETT show.
It really is wonderful how it brings out the main messages, and it will be highly effective for us in telling new customers
about users’ views on 4Matrix. It is absolutely top quality in terms of filming and editing. I also very much liked the way
that you put your subjects at ease and asked all the right questions. I can’t think of anyone else who could have done as good
a job as this. It is because you not only have the technical skills, it is because you are an educationalist and understand the issues.

I would be delighted to recommend you to others for your professionalism, the quality of your work and the way you communicate at all levels.
We will be using you again!’

April 2015

London RE Hub.

Andy Lewis’s twitter comment was “@eyebeams sneaked out today – what a @TheLondonREHub hero! Dealt with every nightmare we threw at him! #LondonRE” . We did a two camera shoot in the same room but with different presentations going on simultaneously. We also supplied audio recorders for the breakout sessions.

Here is some video from the day:

July 2015

The Brilliant Club

Live Streaming of sessions from Kings’ College.

Feedback from the client:

“Thank you, the films are looking excellent. I’m really pleased with them. Thank you for all of your hard work yesterday.”

Harris Academy

5 camera shoot of internal CPD for Harris Academy

+ 2 camera shoot and live-streaming of London Maths Hubs hosted by Harris. (ongoing)


July 2014 – BELMAS Conference Stream

Live streaming the Belmas 2014 senior management conference at Leamington Spa – the stream has had over 1500 views in 2 days!!

2014 – Edugames Hub Meetups at UKIE

I also regularly live stream the EduGamesHub meetups at UKIE

Giving a series of Green Screen workshops to teachers over six sessions in six months in Tandem with Helen Caldwell at Northampton University.


Dec – Filming for Mozilla Hive at the Mozilla Festival in London


Launch of the L4L TV Web station.


Commissioned to make a short film for Mozilla on the informal Hive network.

MakerBot at Hive Mozfest 2013 – HI!


Live streamed and post produced and the entire #TMCollab session on 25-09-2013 in less than 8 hours:





Consultancy on video capture and skype interviewing for the TES.

NB Video above passworded.

(for exemplar training materials get in touch)


Fast turnaround post-production on the TES feature for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Filming and Post Production for the ResearchEd conference.


INSET on making video games with Scratch at Burnt Oak Junior School in Sidcup, Bexley.


.02 a week volunteering in a local primary school in my capacity as a STEM Ambassador; teaching Computing at Key Stage 2.


All the live video streaming and post production on films for the University of Bristol’s 100th Anniversary

March – May – Various livestreaming events here

February –

Interviews with TeachMeet participants at TeachMeet at Walthamstow Academy

March –

Video and audio coverage of the #PedagooLondon movement’s meetup at Institute of Education

Nominet Trust

Inspiring a Generation of New Digital Makers 

Live Streaming of the event in High Def video and post production of videos for web and social media distribution.

Not only did I do the Live Streaming in High Definition I also post produced the video and audio out to YouTube and SoundCloud. I worked closely with Nominet to mirror their brand ensuring consistent and high brand recognition and production standards.

New Teacher CPD Station planned for Autumn 2013

Quick promo for the New TV and Radio TV stations. The Radio station was trialled at the end of last year. Content will be pulled in from teacher CPD events attended over the year. There will also be a live and on-demand streamed TV Station and LiveStream Broadcast for events.

We are now actively looking for commercial sponsorship to help produce this media.

Read more about it in the main body of the blog here.


April –

Filming for Whole Education conference in Peterborough



  • Video for MirandaMod at the BETT conference 2012
  • Live streaming for Learning Without Frontiers


  • Live streaming and video for the Leicester SEN TeachMeet
  • Filming and audio for the Hack to the Future Event
  • Film editing for various schools
  • Writing a film editing course


  • Just filmed and LiveStreamed the MirandaMod  from Bedford University 1st March 2012
  • Filming the TeachMeet at the Naace Conference


  • Finished writing two courses on Film Production for Schools for Naace
  • Filming Apps for Good and DesignSpark about Raspberry Pi


  • Interviewing Dr Sue Black about her GOTO Foundation work in her local primary school.
  • Filming and Streaming Mirandamod Bedford


  • Filming and interviewing participants at the CAS conference


    July to November I was caring for my 90 yr old father who had a bad fall – I nursed him back to health and helped with rehab in this time


  • Live Video Streaming; Filming and interviewing participants at the SLTeachMeet
  • Audio for the TMLondon meetup
  • Film on Online Teacher Communities for Vital:


December Videos for the Whole Education conference – live streaming and audioboos #WEconf11.

Late November / Early December MirandaMod Shift2 video training of ITT students at Bedford University filming Chris Yapp’s Lecture on the Future of Education.

Late November 2011 Audio interviews and film of the winners of #swel

Mid November 2011Documenting TeachMeet London through video and audio

November 2011 has been an incredibly busy month so far. I have been documenting the goings on at the ground-breaking Mozila Festival – here’s a short film of some “running and gunning” I did around the workshops the first day…

November 2011 – Annotated interview at the Mozilla Festival with various people – here is one example:

A brief interview with Jane Park of Creative Commons and Chloe Varelidi of P2PU by imagine2011

October 2011 – First few interviews about multi-partnership working in UK schools for Social Media for Schools CIC site.

See video in popup

September 2011 Vox Pops with audience at TedXLondon 2011

Oliver Qinlan interviewed at TedXLondon about the “Education Revolution” by eyebeams

September 2011 – live streaming this arts project event in remembrance of 9/11

John Lennon’s Imagine played on Exeter Cathedral’s Bells by imagine2011

September 2011 – Filmed Naace’s #TechNext event at Policy Exchange in London

August 2011 – wrote an article on how to hold online poetry events for Poetry Review and the Poetry Society

August 2011 – Part contributed to a book on Web 2.0 teaching resources and how they are used in the classroom for Routledge.

July 2011 – Filmed the Computing at School Conference 2011

June 2011 – Contract for filming, interviewing people and post production of films at the Computers at School Birmingham Conference

May 2011 – Organising the Thames Valley TeachMeet – speaking at Nottingham TeachMeet

April 2011 – Filmed Open Source Schools Conference

March 2011 Filmed Naace TeachMeet at Naace conference

March 2011 – Live streamed Ken Robinson at LWF

Feb 2011 – Ongoing video work for MirandaNet

Jan 2011 – Just finished a series of 4 films for Open Source Schools

Jan 2011 Renewal of Academy360 contract to deliver project managing and supporting the Academy360 Comenius Virtual World Project. A highly innovative pan-european project involving teaching and learning in virtual worlds.

Jan/Feb 2011 – Built virtual world and CPD training space for Lewisham CLC staff. Ongoing

Jan 2011 – Running Twitter workshop North London for beginners

Jan – March 2011– Working as visiting “artist” at Radstock School – Creative Partnerships project. Focus teaching writing skills using Web 2.0 technologies and collaborative learning techniques.

Jan 2011 – Writing curricular CPD resources

Jan 2011 – Filming and live video streaming  of Learning Without Frontiers Conference, TedxOrenda, Collabor84change, MirandaMod, Open Source Schools and TeachMeet BETT 2011 fringe events. Over 40 hours of in-depth conversations.

Jan 2011 – Speaking at TeachMeet takeover at BETT 2011


Some of our clients over the years have been:



Teachers TV

TDA – Teacher Development Agency




University of Hull


Handheld Learning


The Reading Agency




Open Source Schools

Please get in touch for rates and availability or look at my public Linkedin profile for my areas of expertise.