Some advice for Teachers new to Twitter in the new term

Everyone seems to be writing a blog on different aspects of advice for new teachers. Here's some for a Read more

Getting ready to launch a Twitter broadcast season

BUILDING A STUDIO Over the last few months and years I've been testing and building a small TV studio to Read more

Update on Professional Video Streaming through Twitter

This morning I finally cracked it. Good Video and superb audio with camera switching. I have been working on Read more

Video livestreaming through Wirecast to Persicope and out to Twitter

After a 7 month break, I've been working on being able to make quick video posts out through Twitter Read more

360 test

Please enable iframes to view Read more

We launch Mikeybot on Kickstarter

Together with a few colleagues I have launched a Kickstarter campaign > theMikeybot. This is a simple, cheap, wireless drawing Read more

Online resource for students

I don't get much mail through this site but recently a reader wanted to point out a resource for Read more

Pre-filming test 1

I'm pretty close to the look I want for a documentary I'm going to make on the state of Read more

Cheap way to do camera crane shots and "flying" for video - Old boom pole + Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal

I've been testing a cheap way to get "crane" shots using a Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal and a modified Read more

All that glisters - from the archive...

Three years ago I made 3 online TV programmes about the innovative use of technology in schools. This was a Read more

#TMLondon – Amajd Ali intro – Jaz Ampaw-Farr Presentation

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Another amazing presentation at #TMLondon from Jaz Ampaw-Farr.

TeachMeet London – Ross McGill’s Intro and QK Students

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I am putting up selections from TeachMeet London so people can see how high quality the presentations were. First up today is @TeacherToolkit‘s intro to the Teachmeet and the Quinten Kynaston pupils who are a credit to the school. Enjoy

TeachMeet London

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#TMLondon 1st half below I will start to put up highlights tomorrow but for now see the Head Girl’s speech at QK at around 12:41 minutes in. (hold your cursor above the timeline and click on the right time or click and drag to get to the time you want.) #TMLondon 2nd half below You can scrub through the films to the time you want.

DeepGram. AI and Deep learning for speech recognition and Transcription services.

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: The Californian company DeepGram is a Web audio search tool that lets you browse and index audio and video files for key words. DeepGram uses AI and deep learning to perform speech recognition and also has a mechanism for automatic speech-to-text transcription. The better your recording, the more precise the search – just type the word in and it jumps to all the places where that word is spoken. This 30-minute interview with Donald Clark about Virtual Reality in Education was amazingly good at picking up every instance of Education in the file. It wasn’t that great at transcription but I can see that…

The resurgence of VR – will this be a reality in 5 years?

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: What you see here, above, is a “Virtual” Conference environment I built in 2009 on the  Second Life platform. It was used regularly and it performed pretty well. The idea was to supply conference facilities for teachers who would come in as Avatars – i.e. people in Virtual personas. The screens could show powerpoints – the giant TVs could show video on-demand.  Wherever you sat in the environment you had a perfect view of the screen or avatar that was talking at any one point. Your avatar could sit in one of those pods and share documents and files with anyone in the “virtual”…

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