Pre-filming test 1

I'm pretty close to the look I want for a documentary I'm going to make on the state of Read more

Cheap way to do camera crane shots and "flying" for video - Old boom pole + Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal

I've been testing a cheap way to get "crane" shots using a Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal and a modified Read more

All that glisters - from the archive...

Three years ago I made 3 online TV programmes about the innovative use of technology in schools. This was a Read more

Last Test before launching the new Video Ed Channel

People who follow this blog regularly will know I frequently post tests from the audio/ video kit I own Read more

BAFTA Young Games Designer Competition at BETT 2017

Another quick Ad Hoc interview with the more interesting smaller stands at #BETT2017. This time with Melissa Phillips of Read more


Another of one of my ad hoc interviews at BETT 2017 - this time with Georgette Yakman at STEAM Read more

BETT 2017 - Globalism

This is the first of several quick and easy to digest video reports as part of the L4L News Read more

BETT 2017

I am filming at BETT this year. I am wearing several hats. One is that of filmaker for various commercial Read more

Finally ready for Monthly Broadcasts

I have been working on a small, home mini-studio for video recording for some years now. I want to be Read more

Michaela - Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers Audio on Soundcloud

I recently did a live-streaming job at Michaela Community School - as well as the liveStream and HD Video, Read more

How to create simple 360 VR for education.

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Excerpt: Whilst discussing VR and 360 photos / videos on Twitter I got a response from Andy Lewis: @eyebeams @HFletcherWood @miss_mcinerney @nickhassey @htsi @TheFutureCritic I think visiting places of pilgrimage in RE would be excellent.— Andy Lewis (@iTeachRE) September 3, 2016 Well – here’s a quick example of a panorama I took with the DMD Panorama App on an iPhone – it took just a few seconds to take the pic and upload it to the allied App site. And this is an example of the stitched photo uploaded to ThingLink and overlaid with multimedia elements – just pass your cursor over the…

Control Filmic Pro remotely with Filmic Remote – quick test.

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Excerpt: The people over at Filmic Pro have re-released the Filmic Remote app. This allows you to control filming on one device from another across bluetooth or a network. Here’s a quick test where I control my iPad Pro camera using the app on my iPhone. As you can see (despite all the ear hairs!) I can zoom in and turn on the light on the iPad and focus and change White Balance remotely. I’ll be using this as one of the ways to get up and running with regular videos in the future. And here’s a higher quality 4K test with digital broadcast…


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Excerpt: Here is Ross McGill livestreamed from the CPD #TMLondonBoat. I filmed half the sessions with a GoPro and professional stream box and half with Periscope and my phone. The Periscope sessions were much clearer. Here is Ross summing up the session tonight: Here’s some feedback from the evening – one person even came from Birmingham: I managed to capture a flavour of the evening – excuse the lighting – this was livestreaming on a moving boat! This discussion was about the dearth of Heads and how long someone should be in Deputy Headship / Assistant Headship and the nature of how schools are run….

My Slides for the Telegraph Festival of Education

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Interview with Sarah Jones

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I recently caught up with Sarah Jones (@VirtualSarahJ) at the Coventry Storytelling Festival at Coventry University and we talked about her involvement in VR, 360 degree video and Augmented Reality (AR). Sarah is one of the main practitioners and educators (at HE level) involved with VR development in the UK. The people Sarah refers to in the film are: Mel Slater > Sarah Hill > Specular Theory > ThingLink > VRgirlsUK is on Twitter at @VRgirlsUK Samantha Kingston is on Twitter as @K_Samantha1. Virtual Umbrella is here I mentioned Nonny de la Peña – Her website is here >