Filming at BETT 2019

This is probably my last year filming at BETT 2019. In order to get good interviews on the fly Read more

The English Curriculum 2019

Well - I lasted six months and I'm back. The latter half of this year has been devoted to Read more

My last Video Interview in UK education - Clare Sealy on No More Marking

I am now retired from making videos on UK education - here is an extract from the last video Read more

The L4L courses site now has free easy access

My course - 'how to set up a cheap professional filming unit for schools' is now completely open Read more

Testing the SmallHD Focus monitor with my Sony A5100 camera

I have just bought a SmallHD Focus 5" Monitor for use with my smaller cameras - especially the point Read more

BETT 2018

Here's a quick video roundup of my impressions of this year's BETT. Every year I interview one or two people Read more

BETT 2018

This is one of a couple of posts I'll be doing about BETT 2018. This year I spent some time Read more

A Modest Proposal

Multimedia Resources by Teacher Communities Here is a modest proposal I'm making to DFE and the Chartered College of Teaching. Read more

Some advice for Teachers new to Twitter in the new term

Everyone seems to be writing a blog on different aspects of advice for new teachers. Here's some for a Read more

Getting ready to launch a Twitter broadcast season

BUILDING A STUDIO Over the last few months and years I've been testing and building a small TV studio to Read more

Outside the Wire – Virtual Worlds London – doing things differently

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Excerpt: Click to play Virtual Worlds London I was at the Virtual Worlds Conference in London. Unlike at the time of the last post, I was at this conference physically, in real life, not attending the talks, but interviewing the exibitors about the Virtual Worlds and services they were providing. I was there to do two things – the first was to report on the state-of-play about the use of Virtual Worlds in education and the second to network and try out a proof-of-concept experiment binding several technologies together that could be used in schools and colleges. Photo attribution to epredator CC some rights reserved…

Outside the Wire – passing notes in class – how interconnectedness is speeding things up

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Excerpt: Photo attribution TKCS on Flickr CC some rights reserved licence. As an example of what I mean by mindset and informal learning in the previous post, I’m going to give a few examples in a series of articles on how people are joining up to create new and exciting practice and spaces in and outside education like never before. Informal/ Formal Real Life and Virtual Connections Practitioners are now connected by several informal networks that enable them to share resources at a blistering speed and to distill and innovate what they do in highly interactive ways; and the ways they are joining up…


What we need now is a new mindset for education

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Excerpt: Photo attribution BitBoy on Flickr CC licence I have just been reading Josie Fraser’s amazing post called Notes Towards Digital Literacy over at SocialTech. As she so succinctly puts it: “However, while it is a critical area of development and resourcing, e-safety alone is not enough. To regard it as anything except a critical element within a wider digital literacy framework, and to attempt to teach it alongside an antiquated, generally programme-specific ICT education is to short change our learners, and to fail to recognise the technological, social and economic shifts that have take place globally. To not integrate and model good…

Outside the Wire – how to co-opt distributed network devices, services and people to make things add up to more than just a sum of the parts in Education

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Excerpt: A little bit of history was made today of all days (it is the first day of the Handheld Learning Conference but it’s not that) in that Gordon Brown’s speech was broadcast/ blogged live from a Mobile Phone.Two Social media bloggers, Documentally and Sizemore got access to Gordon Brown speaking at the Thompson Reuters Newsmaker event about the timely economic measures and this was broadcast in a ripple effect out through the blogging community using such social media tools/ sites as Qik, Seesmic, Twitter, Phreadz and quite a few others.This reminds me of reading the real time feeds from when…

Video Recursion in Second Life

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A quick video to show the power of video within the Second Life Environment. I could take this one stage further and put this video in there and then record that but maybe that would be taking things too far.

This is a recording of a the video lecture cube I'm working on in SL to play Screencast content about Web 2.0 in education. A work in progress…