Cheap way to do camera crane shots and "flying" for video - Old boom pole + Zhiun Smooth Q Gimbal

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All that glisters - from the archive...

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Last Test before launching the new Video Ed Channel

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BAFTA Young Games Designer Competition at BETT 2017

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BETT 2017 - Globalism

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BETT 2017

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Finally ready for Monthly Broadcasts

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Michaela - Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers Audio on Soundcloud

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theEDfiles Podcast

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Interview with Nina Garforth of Simica – Kowari

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Nearing the very end of BETT - in the last half an hour I came upon an Early Years Learning Platform.Nina Garforth, and her assistants Abigail Wells and Heather McDougall, gave me a whistlestop tour of the product. It's fairly unique in that it is for the Primary School and, as you can see, even a 3 year old can send an email! KOWARI has also had a lot of interest from special needs teachers. If you want a simple and very clear VLE for younger children then this is it.

Interview with Doug Dickinson – Podium Podcasting

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Excerpt: Click to Play Doug Dickinson has a wealth of experience in the ICT community over many years. Here is one good reason why commercial firms need a consultant like him to come up with the idea for this – Podium from Softease is so simple, practical and easy to understand you know at once it will be perfect for use in the classroom.Podcasting is the buzzword of the moment and in this short interview and demonstration, Doug shows one particular feature of Podium which I think is outstanding:the ability to colour code text script to sound files and edit them on…


Interview with Dan Sutch – Researcher at Futurelab

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Excerpt: Click to Play I talked with Dan Sutch to see some of the latest projects and developments from Futurelab. As usual we could have talked all afternoon and it was late on the Saturday after a long show and Dan highlighted two projects involving mobile devices: Fizzees – (Physical Electronic Energisers) is a prototype project that enables young people to care for a ‘digital pet’ through their own physical actions. In order to nurture their digital pet, keep it healthy and grow, young people must themselves act in physically healthy ways. and Createascape – Dan talks about the concept of Mediascapes which are…


EPICT – Pedagogical Training

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Excerpt: Click to Play We interviewed Margaret Wallace and Paul Mathews about EPICT and the unique place it has on the ICT training map.The emphasis is not on skills but pedagogy and it is highly embedded in practice in schools in the UK. It has a proven track record since 2000 and is one of the options headteachers should consider post SLICT training for their staff to embed good use of pedagogy using ICT within the curriculum.Its unique emphasis on how to use best pedagogical practice and embed it into the school, via the use of facilitators and in-house or external training…


Interview with Chris Byers – founder of EduGeek

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Excerpt: Click to Play Chris Byers talks about the phenomenal success of the IT support technician service EduGeek and his plans for a EduGeek 2.0 version after BETT. EduGeek is a peer to peer, independent free service for ed tech – it has had a phenomenal growth in the last year. If your IT support staff have a problem then this is the place to go. In fact education is unique in throwing up particular challenges to staff they will probably never meet elsewhere including commerce so if you have a techie role in industry it might be a good idea to pop…