Filming at BETT 2019

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The English Curriculum 2019

Well - I lasted six months and I'm back. The latter half of this year has been devoted to Read more

My last Video Interview in UK education - Clare Sealy on No More Marking

I am now retired from making videos on UK education - here is an extract from the last video Read more

The L4L courses site now has free easy access

My course - 'how to set up a cheap professional filming unit for schools' is now completely open Read more

Testing the SmallHD Focus monitor with my Sony A5100 camera

I have just bought a SmallHD Focus 5" Monitor for use with my smaller cameras - especially the point Read more

BETT 2018

Here's a quick video roundup of my impressions of this year's BETT. Every year I interview one or two people Read more

BETT 2018

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A Modest Proposal

Multimedia Resources by Teacher Communities Here is a modest proposal I'm making to DFE and the Chartered College of Teaching. Read more

Some advice for Teachers new to Twitter in the new term

Everyone seems to be writing a blog on different aspects of advice for new teachers. Here's some for a Read more

Getting ready to launch a Twitter broadcast season

BUILDING A STUDIO Over the last few months and years I've been testing and building a small TV studio to Read more

let’s talk about txt conference – Leeds Uni – March 2007

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Learn 4 Life recently covered the 'let's talk about txt conference at the School of Music in Leeds university.' This was europe's very first conference on using txt in education and was hosted by edutxt.

Online Teacher Social Networking and CPD

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Lead Presentation: Mark Berthelemy, Learning Solutions Architect, Capita Learning and Development Online social networking tools have the potential to support reflective and collaborative CPD both within and across schools and local authorities. This session will examine what’s possible, raise a number of issues and suggest ways in which using such tools can become an integrated part of your CPD approach. Filmed on behalf of Naace.


Innovative Approaches to ICT CPD

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John Cuthell, Director Research and Implementation MirandaNet Fellowship and Dai Thomas, Director of ICT at Warden Park Specialist School and Mirandanet Fellow This theme will explore a number of approaches to ICT CPD and evaluate their effectiveness in terms of school improvement, pedagogical change and learning for both pupils and teachers. Examples will be drawn from a number of projects that have examined the affordances provided by new technologies, and ways in which these have been used to promote personal and institutional transformation in learning.


The Impact of ICT on Whole School Improvement – Naace conference

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This was filmed on behalf of Naace for the Torquay Strategic Conference. Cathy Morgan, HMI, Ofsted Using the findings from ICT inspections and surveys undertaken by HMI during 2005/6, this session will highlight how effective use of ICT can make a positive difference to the quality of teaching, learning and management in schools.


14-19 Curriculum Review, Impact on the Offer and Learner Choice

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Margaret Wright, Adviser for ICT, QCA The Education and Skills white papers proposed reviews of the ICT curriculum and ICT general qualifications in schools, including GCSE and GCE A Level. In addition, two new qualifications were proposed, one for functional skills in ICT and another, the specialised diploma in ICT. These changes are due for implementation in 2008 and 2009. This session will explore the curriculum and qualifications proposals and prompt thinking about what they might mean for the learner.