Testing the SmallHD Focus monitor with my Sony A5100 camera

I have just bought a SmallHD Focus 5" Monitor for use with my smaller cameras - especially the point Read more

BETT 2018

Here's a quick video roundup of my impressions of this year's BETT. Every year I interview one or two people Read more

BETT 2018

This is one of a couple of posts I'll be doing about BETT 2018. This year I spent some time Read more

A Modest Proposal

Multimedia Resources by Teacher Communities Here is a modest proposal I'm making to DFE and the Chartered College of Teaching. Read more

Some advice for Teachers new to Twitter in the new term

Everyone seems to be writing a blog on different aspects of advice for new teachers. Here's some for a Read more

Getting ready to launch a Twitter broadcast season

BUILDING A STUDIO Over the last few months and years I've been testing and building a small TV studio to Read more

Update on Professional Video Streaming through Twitter

This morning I finally cracked it. Good Video and superb audio with camera switching. I have been working on Read more

Video livestreaming through Wirecast to Persicope and out to Twitter

After a 7 month break, I've been working on being able to make quick video posts out through Twitter Read more

360 test

Please enable iframes to view Read more

We launch Mikeybot on Kickstarter

Together with a few colleagues I have launched a Kickstarter campaign > theMikeybot. This is a simple, cheap, wireless drawing Read more

Interview with Sarah Jones

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I recently caught up with Sarah Jones (@VirtualSarahJ) at the Coventry Storytelling Festival at Coventry University and we talked about her involvement in VR, 360 degree video and Augmented Reality (AR). Sarah is one of the main practitioners and educators (at HE level) involved with VR development in the UK. The people Sarah refers to in the film are: Mel Slater > http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/m.slater/Mel_Slaters_Home_Page/Home.html Sarah Hill > http://www.seemehuman.com/ Specular Theory > http://www.speculartheory.com/ ThingLink > http://demo.thinglink.com/vr-editor. VRgirlsUK is on Twitter at @VRgirlsUK Samantha Kingston is on Twitter as @K_Samantha1. Virtual Umbrella is here http://www.virtualumbrella.marketing/ I mentioned Nonny de la Peña – Her website is here > http://www.immersivejournalism.com/

L4L_News on Touchcast – Looking at blogs about Edtech and the Future

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Archived; click post to view.
Excerpt: If you can’t see the video above then read the transcript below. Hello and welcome to Learn 4 Life News on TouchCast. I’m starting a new season of films today for busy teachers. Each week I will look at different aspects of the Edtech and mainstream news, blogs and other social activity online; beginning with a quick look at how various educational bloggers are very skeptical about the use of Edtech in schools. A lot of practising teachers don’t have time for technology in their classrooms – only one thing has to go wrong, and in this increasingly time-efficient world, that’s one time…

L4L Podcast 2

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The second podcast is out – short and sweet and a precursor to more regular content. Honest! This is more a test of the new mics etc I am using to get that “broadcast” sound I’m always obsessing over – this is pretty close. (Best Listened to through headphones or good reference sound speakers).

Why I have been away and why course deadlines have been missed

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After a new start with the L4L podcast several weeks ago I fell by the wayside, not because I’ve been shirking – far from it – I’ve just been overwhelmed by paid work! The video should explain a few things. Part of the problem(?) has been I’ve had to update kit for ever increasing production values for clients – so I’ve had a steep learning curve as well as limited time. The positive side is that I now have a full video mixing post-production suite and it’s wonderful. You will see some of the fruits of this tomorrow onwards – I hope!

How to use the L4L Podcast Interactive Show Notes Booklet

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Look at the film below to see how to use the L4L Podcast Show notes Booklets. A lot of people do not realise how interactive/ informative it is especially on a tablet computer.   Once you’ve seen the film give the notes a go by clicking here. Each podcast also has its own RSS feed so you can add it to your feed reader to see all the feeds.